Forest School

Butterflies Day Nurseries believes everybody should have regular access to woodland and or the natural environment which provides them with inspirational and challenging outdoor learning opportunities - visit our Gallery for more photos.

Our forest school offers a learner centred approach, where participants can learn through self-directed play and exploration. Participants who come to the woods will be given the opportunity to develop their curiosity, confidence, self-esteem, creativity, empathy, communication skills, knowledge of the natural environment and ability to assess their own risk. Our Forest School uses natural resources for inspiration, to enable ideas and encourage intrinsic motivation. Whilst woodland is the ideal environment, many other sites, some with only a few trees, are able to support good Forest School practice.

The initial sessions of our program establish physical and behavioral boundaries as well as making initial observations on which to base future program development. Our aim is to develop, where appropriate, the physical, social, cognitive, linguistic, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the child. Forest School opportunities are designed to build on an individual's innate motivation, positive attitudes and/or interests

Play and choice are an integral part of the Forest School learning process and play is recognised as vital to learning and development. Reflective practice is a feature of each session to ensure learners and practitioners can understand their achievements, develop emotional intelligence and plan for the future.

Our activities will depend on the ability and experience of participants. Examples of our activities include:

· Woodland management and nature exploration

· Building dens and other structures

· Fires and cooking

· Games and invitations for imaginative play

· Natural crafts

· Using tools, such as knives and saws

· Scavenger hunts and adventure

· Seasonal celebrations

As an organisation we do not currently own woodland so we have made provision to access sites through permission and negotiation. As these sites are some distance from our settings we have purchased our own transportation to get there and to carry our equipment.