Outdoor Learning

We work hard to provide as many opportunities for children to explore and learn as possible. Sometimes this is best served outside of the nursery by means of spontaneous trips and a planned programs of outings to the forest, beach, library, park or shop (to name a few), and we also have a relationship with a local care home. 

At every opportunity children are encouraged to embrace their local community to gain an understanding of the world around them, which in turn builds their confidence and stimulates their desire to learn. In order to do this we have our own minibus, plus a range of buggies and “turtle buses” so that we can get out and about.

We also believe regular access to the natural environment provides children with the freedom and opportunity to learn through self-directed play and exploration. Confidence and emotional intelligence are an important basis for personal development and these attributes are nurtured in a natural learning environment such as woodlands and the beach, where children are able to develop their curiosity, and creativity, as well as build an awareness and respect of natural living things.

As well as outings, we have our own allotment at the Bower Lane Nursery which all Butterflies children have access to. The aim of the allotment is:

  • To grow vegetables and herbs for the children to try, and to teach them where certain foods come from and how they grow.
  • To grow flowers which can be used in activities such as flower arranging, flower pressing and perfume making.
  • To provide materials for use in the mud kitchen and other activities within the nursery.

All of our outdoor learning is optional so please do not worry if you do not wish for your child to go. For logistical reasons some of our trips will be conducted during fixed times during the day. All new families are made aware of our outings policy during the families’ nursery induction.